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There are lots of ways for a person to crack a tooth. Physical activities such as boxing or MMA fighting can cause a crack to occur. More mundane things like grinding your teeth during your sleep or eating popcorn kernels can cause cracks as well. No matter how the cracks happen, there are a number of treatment options your dentist can use to repair them.

Minor cracks can be fixed through common treatments like dental fillings or dental veneers. During a dental filling, the material is easily applied to the crack and only takes one visit for the treatment. A veneer requires two visits for an application and also costs more, but offers more stability to the cracked tooth when compared to a filling.

A larger crack will be in need of a dental crown treatment to help restore strength and stability. In these instances, a root canal can sometimes be necessary if the crack has reached down into the pulp of the tooth. The pulp is comprised of nerve endings and blood vessels that are prone to infection, and the root canal is necessary to protect the pulp against a potential infection.

A crack that is too large for any treatment to be successful will need to be extracted and replaced with either a dental implant or bridge.

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