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If you want to maintain a top-notch smile and oral health, then it’s important to take good care of your pearly whites and your gums. There are some harmful habits in the world today that can keep you from the strong and healthy smile you deserve, and those things are:

Using a hard-bristled toothbrush: Even though hard-bristled toothbrushes seem more successful and effective at cleaning your teeth than soft-bristled toothbrushes, that is not true. Hard-bristled toothbrushes can actually harm your teeth and gums more than you might realize, which is why it’s best to avoid cleaning your smile with this tool.

Forgetting to floss daily: Flossing is vital for your oral health, but people still forget to floss each day. If you’re one of these people, it’s best to quit this habit. Flossing is essential in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. So, make sure you floss at least once a day.

Not wearing a mouthguard: High-contact sports and activities can be extremely dangerous for your smile if you forget to wear a mouthguard. This is because hard, forceful objects tend to hit your mouth and injure or even knock out a tooth. So, please don’t forget to wear a mouthguard while you are active.

Sharing utensils: If you share utensils, like spoons, forks, and toothbrushes, then your smile could be in grave danger. When you share these tools, bacteria are shared as well. These bacteria tend to promote and create dental issues like tooth decay. So, keep your utensils to yourself.

It’s best to avoid these harmful habits as much as possible so you can keep your smile and oral health in tip-top shape. If you have any questions about these habits or if you would like to know more about how to maintain a top-notch smile in American Fork, Utah, please call Elite Dental at 801-763-7737. Dr. Steven and Randy and our dental team will be more than happy to help you in any way we can!