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Having a tooth that is severely decayed can make chewing a very painful experience. A tooth in this situation may have severely damaged enamel, making it impossible for it to be treated with a dental filling. A tooth in this condition could also have roots that have been damaged due to infection. If that’s the case, a root canal may be needed.

Before a root canal is performed, a series of x-rays will be taken of the tooth to surmise if the treatment is necessary. If the x-rays show the infection has spread into the roots of the tooth, then your dentist Dr. Steven and Randy may recommend you have a root canal.

During your root canal treatment, Dr. Steven and Randy will assess just how far the infection has spread into the roots. After this, the damaged enamel of the tooth is removed via a drill so that the infected portion of the root can be removed. Once this is completed, a rubber plug will be used to replace the roots. An abutment is then created for a dental crown to be placed in. This crown will replace your enamel and also restore full function to your mouth.

The crown is created from an impression of your teeth in a dental laboratory. You will need to come in for a second visit so that your temporary crown may be removed and your permanent crown cemented in its place.

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