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Does the aspect of fluoride being in many things you consume seem intimidating? You should know fluoride is very beneficial for your oral health if taken in the right doses! These natural minerals fight against tooth decay and strengthens enamel. Dr. Steven and Randy and our dental professionals here in American Fork, Utah, want you to know of having fluoride to protect against decay and buildup in your dental regimen.

You are susceptible to cavities and tooth decay if not getting the right amount of fluoride in your daily dental care regimen. Phosphorous and calcium components are a large part of the remineralization process, when saliva works as a deterrent against tooth decay. Fluoride helps these components by creating a more solid barrier on the tooth enamel.

A very small portion of fluoride can be found in foods and drinks you eat and drink every day. When this combines with saliva, it helps to fight against cavities and deter buildup of plaque. Water sources started adding fluoride supplements into the community systems over 70 years ago to help people fight against cavities and decay.

When looking for the right toothpastes and mouthwashes, look for the ADA (American Dental Association) Seal of Acceptance before purchasing these dental items. The ADA’s approved items will ensure you are getting a safe amount and the right fluoride. Call Elite Dental at 801-763-7737 to contact our office in American Fork, Utah. Our dental professionals are excited to assist you and your smile today!